Dr. Alessandro Grecucci, PhD

Current fundings

- PRIN PNRR: Non-response and drop-out in psychotherapy of borderline personality disorder: identification of psychological, neural and relational predictors, 2024-2026, PI: Irene Messina; Associated investigators: Alessandro Grecucci (Trento), Osmano Oasi (Milano), Maria Rita Infurna (Palermo). Amount (€): 224.146,00

- PRIN 2022: Neurocognitive mechanisms of emotion-based interpersonal distance regulation in healthy participants and individuals with Autism: a machine learning approach, 2024-2026, PI: Alessandro Grecucci; Associated investigator: Caterina Bertini (Bologna). Amount (€): 213.675,00


External collaborations supported by fundings

- BIAL 2023-2026, Autonomic signatures of mind wandering and its consequences on attention and positive emotions in individuals with different level of expertise in meditation, PI: Cristiano Crescentini, external collaborator: Alessandro Grecucci

- Italian Ministry of Health, Investigating ''premembering'' in patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy: a multilayered top-down approach from behaviour to cells. Principal Investigator: Gerardo Salvato, external consultant and collaborator: Alessandro Grecucci